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About Us


With decades of experience in the shipping and forwarding industry, Valdetron is a true specialist in international container logistics.

Our expertise is not just limited to container shipping, we are also involved in intermodal services, cargo handling, non-containerized cargoes and business consultancy.

Much unlike the megacarriers and global forwarders, our dedicated team of highly committed staff work around the clock to build lasting relationships with our clients by providing high-quality, responsive and cost-effective services. That’s our personal touch.

Our seasoned people work hard to free up our client’s time by taking the burden of logistics off their shoulders. This increases our client’s productivity and profits because they can focus on business essentials, not the troublesome logistics!


Valdetron was founded in Denmark, so naturally it’s where we have our head office. Not only do we capitalise on the stability our country offers us, also all our activities are covered by the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders (NSF). This ensures our quality standards as well as the governing terms and conditions in a very clear way, giving our clients peace of mind and a safer alternative.

Leading worldwide credit agencies have time and time again recognized us as a healthy company by allowing us the highest credit ratings. We take pride in knowing that our business partners enjoy minimum financial risk when trading with us.


Since 1997, we have built a solid reputation in the transportation of Russian forestry products into the United States. Today, we are consistently recognised as a market leader in containerized shipments between Russia and USA.

Our success has allowed us to expand into a wide range of international markets around the world and into different commodities, including (but not limited to) food products, raw materials and manufactured products.

Besides our Danish headoffice, we have strategic offices in Russia, India, China, Pakistan and The Netherlands. This allows us to be the best we can be by delivering products efficiently and effectively.


Are you worried that your client won’t be happy with the delivery of your products?
Are you spending too much valuable time hiring agents to handle your products?
Are you having a hard time communicating with freight forwarders in other ports?

At Valdetron, we recognise business isn’t a walk in the park. And it’s our job to take care of the logistics side of things because that’s simply what we do best.

If you are not satisfied with your current service provider, or perhaps you are starting a new business, we at Valdetron are your perfect partner.

Give us a call today for the latest information about our services.

Thinking outside the box to keep your business moving.